Iera Odos 75


Dr. Thomas Bartzanas

Dr. Vasileios Anestis

MScEvangelos Alexandropoulos
(PhD Student)


Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) is the 3rd oldest University in Greece. Since 1920, contributes consistently and continuously to Greek and European primary sector development, by conducting basic and applied research in agricultural related sciences. AUA conducts the 1/3 of the agricultural research in Greece. AUA contributions address a wide range of issues related to food safety and environmental protection significantly affecting the daily lives of Greek and Europeans citizens: food quality and safety, water resource conservation, organic farming, alternative energy sources, biotechnological applications in agriculture, information and communications technology. AUA is represented by the Laboratory of Farm Structures. Among other fields, its members deal with the subjects of metrology in agricultural engineering, automation in agriculture, precision farming, and robotics. AUA’s Farm Structures group has long year experience in monitoring GHG and micro-environment in farm buildings and in the evaluation of the environmental impact in the agro food sector using the LCA approach.


AUA leads WP5, actively dealing with the project’s dissemination and communication activities and the development of the MilKey platform. AUA will be assisting in the selection of sustainability models, indicators and protocols for dairy production systems and investigate their appropriateness for Greek conditions (WP1). AUA will contribute in the implementation and demonstration of the OTICE system for a case study farm in Greece (WP2). AUA will further work on choosing the case-study farms (3-4 dairy cattle farms) for Greece for which all the indicators identified in WP1 can be estimated, identify potentials and suggest options for the relevant systems’ sustainability improvement (WP3). AUA will be actively involved in the evaluation of these improvement options from an environmental, economic and social point of view (WP4). AUA will finally assist in the project-internal communication (WP6).

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