Youth Educational material

The youth educational material mostly targets secondary (high) school students in Greece and consists of an informative, short-duration video on some of the important baseline concepts and findings of the international scientific literature that students need to be aware of, regarding the environmental sustainability of food production systems.

The Youth Educational Material is available on YouTube:

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Zootechnia: 12th International Fair for Livestock and Poultry

Event date: February  2-5, 2023

Zootechnia was held from 2 to 5 February 2023.

The research group of the Laboratory of Farm Structures (AUA), explicitly organized a workshop entitled ‘Sustainable Development in the Greek Livestock Sector’ in order to communicate the activities of several research projects it is involved, including MilKey. In this workshop, interesting discussions between researchers, livestock farmers and technology providing companies were organized in a number of different discussion panels. Panel topics included practices for mitigation of greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions and achievement of sustainability from the farmers’ point of view and how these emissions and the environmental footprint of livestock farming systems is estimated. During this event, the leaflet that was developed in WP3 and another more general leaflet highlighting the concepts of the MilKey project were circulated to the participants. Finally, a roll-up banner for the MilKey project was presented.

Partner: AUA

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Event date: November  15-18, 2022

World’s leading trade fair, Euro Tier, was held from 15 to 18 November 2022 in the Hannover trade fair location.

The ATB research group discussed with the visitors their research activities regarding sustainability assessment and nutrient cycles in the framework of 5 European ERA-NET projects. The Milkey project was specifically communicated providing general information about the assessment of the sustainability of milk production in three pillars (ecological, economic and social) and the flexible solutions for dairy production systems in order to improve their sustainability.

Partner: ATB

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