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Prof. Dr. Hogmin Dong

Prof. Dr. Yue Li

Dr. Zhiping Zhu

Dr. Sha Wei

Dr. Yunhao Zheng


Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture (IEDA), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) ranks first in the field of agricultural environment through the evaluation of comprehensive scientific research capabilities of agricultural research institutes in China. It is dedicated to the scientific discovery and technological innovation in the field of agro-environment, focusing on the evolution of light, temperature, water, gas and other environmental factors under the influence of human activities, and the interaction mechanism, control and protection measures with agricultural biological and agricultural inputs.  It has comprehensive strength and competitive advantage in the areas of climate change and its impact on agriculture, adaptation and mitigation, defense of agricultural meteorological disasters, water-saving agriculture and dry farming, and environmental engineering on planting, Livestock environmental engineering.   Livestock environment research is one of the priority area in IEDA-CAAS, which has been take the lead or coordination for national project on manure management issues, IEDA·CAAS is responsible for the compilation of GHG inventory from livestock sector.


Prof. Hogmin Dong is one the advisory board members of the MilKey project. Prof. Hogmin Dong and a group of experts from CAAS will offer their advice to the Consortium of the project by:

  • Using the carbon footprint model of the Chinese dairy sector as a reference (WP1)
  • Demonstrating the online monitoring and control tool for barn climate & emissions in China (WP2)
  • Comparing and analyzing the GHG emissions from the European case study farms with Chinese case study farms and the Chinese carbon footprint model (WP3)
  • Implemented DDS in dairy farms of China to make assessment of mitigation options (WP4)
  • Disseminating the project results also in China and translating published Policy briefs, fact sheets into Chinese after getting permission (WP5)