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NO-1431 Ås


Dr. Klaus Mittenzwei

Dr. Grete Jørgensen

Dr. Bjørn Egil Flø

Dr. Divina Rodriguez

Dr. Habtamu Alem

Dr. Vibeke Lind


NIBIO is one of the largest research institutes in Norway with approximately 700 employees. NIBIO contributes to food security and safety, sustainable resource management, innovation and value creation through research and knowledge production.


NIBIO leads WP1, which will identify key parameters and develop a model framework for the 3P sustainability assessment and evaluation of GHG mitigation measures in MilKey. In WP3, NIBIO will work on the identification and choice of 3-4 case study farms on which the smart sensors will be deployed and climate gas measurements will be performed. In one of the farms the OTICE system will be implemented and tested. This will give input to T3.1 and T3.2. NIBIO will perform interviews with the farmers and provide data to fit T3.3 identifying aspects and indicators for social sustainability. NIBIO will give input to T3.5 for optimizing case study farms and measure or model system responses. In collaboration with Tine, Geno and the Norwegian Agricultural Extension Service, NIBIO will identify the potential for economic improvements and gather detailed information on economy and production from the case study farms to perform an LCA to fit both in WP3 and WP4. The Norwegian Agricultural Extension Service will also help with identifying the best case study farms with the most data available for the project analyses.

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